A downloadable game for Windows

For the best experience, using controllers is strongly recommended. This is a local co-op game for 2-4 players.


Sports Ball is a fast pased competitive game. The aim is to have highest score before the timer runs out.

To gain points, just pick up the green balls and throw them into the zone matching your colour.

If you fall out of the map, you will lose one point and respawn.

Powerups will spawn around the map, use these for super speed, super jump or super strength!

BONUS GAME MODE - Sportspaint

Thanks to the extension to the deadline a second game mode is available. The aim is to paint more tiles your colour than your opponent! But deaths still cost you a point, so be careful.


  • Up to 4 players
  • Four levels
  • Two Different Game Modes
  • Different Powerups
  • Throwable Objects
  • Dash Mechanic
  • Ability to KO and grapple other players
  • Unity Analytics (Not really a gameplay feature, but still cool)


Use this to get around quickly, or knock out other players!


Pick up objects and throw them at other players to knock them out! Or throw score balls into your zone.

Pro-tip: If a player is knocked out, you can even pick up them!


Controller Highly Recommended

Tested and compatible with the following controllers (will probably work fine with other controllers, but untested)

  • XBOX 360
  • PS4
  • Steam Controllers

For XBOX 360 controllers

  • Move - Left Stick
  • Pickup/Throw - Right Bumper
  • Dash - Left Bumper
  • Jump - A
  • Drop - B

For players 3 and 4, press jump on the controller before starting the game.

Gameplay Footage (Beta)

This gameplay footage was from a late beta build of the game, watch the main trailer to spot the changes from this version!

Install instructions

To play just download and unzip the zip and run the .exe.


Sportsball 1.02 - Win x64 17 MB
Design Documentation and Report 585 kB


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Please support WinXP! https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/

The best way is to compile with UnityPlayer.dll v2017.2